Evolunis offers R&D and consulting, with a focus on medical technologies. We work with several partner companies and research institutions.


Partner Companies

  • Munich Innovation Labs GmbH, Bremen
  • Alpha Innomed Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Opflo Analytics, LLC, Cambridge MA

Development Partner

M3i GmbH
Schillerstr. 53
D-80336 Munich


Befrui, Nima, et al. “Detection and Grading of Knee Joint Cartilage Defect using Multi-Class Classification in Vibroarthrography.” EPiC Series in Health Sciences 2 (2018): 6-11

Befrui, Nima, et al. “Vibroarthrography for early detection of knee osteoarthritis using normalized frequency features.” Medical & biological engineering & computing 56.8 (2018): 1499-1514


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